independent flow measurement services

Euroloop Services provides world class international flow measurement consultancy and independent audit services. We offer high value support through our team of experts, all of whom have a wide range of measurement expertise from design through operation, metering management and support services. Our team has practical experience of operating, maintaining, updating and auditing one of the most prestigious ISO 17025 accredited flow laboratories in the world. Euroloop does not just talk about flow measurement: we do it daily to the ultimate standards


Technology, legislation and measurement standards evolve rapidly. It is important to stay up to date and to ensure that new employees understand the essence of measurement and its associated concepts. Our experienced professionals provide educational courses and on-demand resources across a wide variety of measurement related topics from general courses about flow measurement, metrology and traceability to specialized courses for specific fields of expertise. All training courses held at Euroloop offer both theory and practical exercises. Courses include a Certificate of Attendance, and optionally a written test. Courses can be tailored to suit customer-specific needs and the educational level of attendees and can be held either on site or in Rotterdam

Our off-the-shelf courses include:
  • Introduction to Flow Metering Systems
  • Flow Metering Calculations
  • Measurement Uncertainty and Metrology
  • Data Communication for Flow Measurement
  • Advanced Excel for Flow Measurement and Metrology
  • Flow Measurement Auditing

We are also happy to provide fully customized courses on specific metering systems and/or equipment. Click here for an up-to-date overview of our training courses.

Audit & inspection services

We can provide efficient and rapid Inspection, verification and auditing services. Our verification specialists are fully experienced in all of the following areas:

  • Witnessing calibrations
  • Witness testing
  • System audits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advice on upgrades

We provide clear, complete and constructive reports with full follow-up if required.


Our background makes us the ideal partner for engineering and consultancy services relating to flow measurement. We are able to advise contractors, manufacturers and oil and gas producers using our knowledge of metering and control systems to provide proven solutions based on practical experience at every stage in the project lifecycle including development, design, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and upgrades.

We have long experience of producing clear, self-consistent technical documents and procedures to the exacting standards required to manage and maintain our own facility to the requirements of ISO 17025. Our documents look clean and are easy to maintain, and our PDFs are fully linked. Whatever you need, we know what to do because our own internal management system provides a robust, proven starting point. Our engineers are experienced in producing fully tailored, “fit for purpose” solutions for our clients. We know every international standard relevant to flow measurement because we have to, and as a calibration laboratory with a client base on five continents we probably know your local standards too. Documents that we are able to produce include:

  • Company standards
  • Requirements specifications
  • Functional design specifications
  • Test specifications
  • Manuals
  • Operating and maintenance procedures
  • Instrument datasheets

We are happy to support procedures or standards with training and coaching as required.

Arbritrage services and mismeasurement resolution

If you need to resolve a measurement dispute or an internal discrepancy, Euroloop is in a unique position to help. We know the potential causes of measurement problems because we have to avoid them ourselves on a daily basis. We have calibrated nearly every type of large, high-accuracy flow meter in existence, so we know what can go wrong and we are fully trained to diagnose what went wrong. We operate our own provers, and our experts have experience to design level of other types. We have a wide variety of secondary equipment, and valves of many kinds and sizes. We can offer completely independent advice and arbitration from a position of exceptional knowledge of both theory and practice.