The air calibration facility of Euroloop is used for verification, control and (re-)calibration of volume, mass, and dP meters within a range of DN40 – DN 6 00 using atmospheric air in the flto 15.000 m3/h. Ideally located in the newly built Maintenance and Repair workshop, it forms an essential part of the M&R process, as damaged and repaired meters can now easily be verified. The facility consists of a small section for meter sizes between DN40 – DN200 or flow ranges between 0,25 m3/h to 1.000 m3/h, and a large section for meter sizes up to DN 60 between 200 and 15.000 m3/h.


Test protocols (Quantity and Value of the flow setpoints and test times) are freely configurable by the operator of the installation. Once the selected protocol is started, operation will be terms of flow regulation and testing until completion. The meter under test may have up to 4 Pulse outputs that can be tested at the same time. Each of the 4 inputs is capable of handlicontacts, electronic outputs or active sensors according IEC 60947-5-6 (Namur standard). Pulse outputs must be evenly distributed over time.