Welcome to the world of accuracy

Every day, millions of dollars flow through oil and gas pipeline systems all over the world. With stakes this high, it is no wonder that parties involved want to know exactly how much oil or gas they are dealing with. Euroloop is the world’s largest and most accurate calibration center for high-flow gas and liquid meters. ‘Custody transfer’ meters are tested and calibrated to ensure that the exact quantities of oil and gas are measured. In two adjoining closed-loop facilities, one for liquid and one for gas, the test parameters can be selected in order to correspond as closely as possible to the actual operating conditions.


Flow20 - 30.000 m3/h10 - 5.000 m3/h
Diameter4" - 48" (100 - 1200 mm)4" - 50" (100 - 1250 mm)
Test lines10" / 16" / 24"10" / 24"
Length of test lines19m / 44m / 45m22m / 29m
Calibration pressure9 - 61 bar8 bar
Temperature stability< 0,05 ºC< 0,1 ºC
MediumNatural gas (hi-cal)Hydrocarbon 1-25-300 cSt
Lowest uncertainty0,16%0,02%

The world's largest test facility for high pressure
and high flow gas and liquid meters